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America was indebted to immigration for her settlement and prosperity. That part of America which had encouraged them most had advanced most rapidly in population, agriculture and the arts.

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  1. International students face immigration hurdles under Trump  TechCrunch

    This fall, nearly half a million international students will begin or return to STEM programs at U.S. colleges and universities. If you're among them, look forward to...

  2. Immigration status: Ministers reverse May-era student visa rules  BBC News

    Overseas citizens who study in the UK can stay on for two years after graduating, the government says.

  3. Bahamas Hurricane Survivors, Desperate for Respite, Seek Passage to U.S.  The New York Times

    The rush to fill flights and ferries has raised questions about what immigration rules apply for Bahamians seeking refuge.

  4. Fewer immigrants apply for special visa reserved for crime victims  The San Diego Union-Tribune

    Advocates and lawyers say the decline of U visa applications is due to Trump administration policies that remove protections for applicants.

  5. Here are the benefits that will block a legal immigrant’s path to a green card or visa  Miami Herald

    Legal US Immigrants will be denied green cards and visas if they receive benefits that make them a public charge. These 9 benefits, like Medicaid and food...


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