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America was indebted to immigration for her settlement and prosperity. That part of America which had encouraged them most had advanced most rapidly in population, agriculture and the arts.

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  1. The Long History of the U.S. Government Asking Americans Whether They Are Citizens  The New York Times

    When Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross ordered the Census Bureau to attach a question on citizenship to the 2020 census, the first argument he used to back...

  2. Citizenship, the Census and Obama

    Memes circulating online claim that former President Barack Obama removed the citizenship question from the 2010 census. He didn't. The citizenship question...

  3. No, Obama didn’t remove the citizenship question from the census  The Washington Post

    In 2005, the long-form census questionnaire was retired in favor of another data collection tool.

  4. US census 2020: Trump retreats on citizenship question  BBC News

    President Donald Trump will no longer pursue adding a question on citizenship to the 2020 US census questionnaire. Instead, he said officials would obtain the...


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